Serving the South Shore and Cape Cod


Natural healing and education, including medical marijuana certification


"Shift Happens" 


Mondays , Wednesdays and Fridays

Pine Hills , Plymouth -Exit 3

10am - 6pm

Pine Hills

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Mondays , Wednesdays and Fridays

Pine Hills , Plymouth -Exit 3

30 Golf Drive in the Pinehills

at the Village Racquet and Fitness Club

10am - 6pm

Pine Hills

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Kingsbury Club, Kingston- Exit 10

10am - 6pm

Kingsbury Club

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Tuesdays and Thursdays

Kingsbury Club, Kingston- Exit 10

185 Summer St, Kingston

2d floor meeting room

10am - 6pm

Kingsbury Club


Provincetown Commons

noon - 6pm

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Provincetown Commons

46 Bradford St, Provincetown

noon - 6pm

Congratulations to our 2019 ACNA scholarship winner!

Katie Greggerson, RN, BSN

"I will never forget what that first cannabis patient said to me. ‘Because of you I ate for the first time in three weeks, I laughed until I cried with my husband and for a little while I forgot that I was facing mortality.’ This sparked a fire within me that I haven’t been able to put out.  

Cannabis A big sisters' guide available now


Cannabis A Big Sisters' Guide

 What's is pleased to announce the much anticipated release of Cannabis: A Big Sisters' Guide; an illustrated introduction to modern marijuana and CBD. This fun and informative book about all things cannabis, including THC and CBD will help you navigate the new world of modern marijuana. A must read for anyone who wants to use cannabis to improve their lives.  

Who We Are

"Shift Happens"


 We bring together a team of practitioners whose passion is 

TO RESTORE  function , wellness and vitality 

TO HEAL by identifying and correcting the underlying root causes of chronic disease and dysfunction and 

TO COMFORT  whenever possible.  

We see clients in our Plymouth and Cape Cod locations, at home and in health care facilities

Healing Individuals and Families


Our philosophy is to layer over what may already be working in a medical plan of care, and then to take it to the next level.  We bring conversation and radical listening to each client and add our shared expertise to create healing wherever possible. We are delighted when people who have been "perpetual patients" shift to living a healed, vital life by integrating the mind-body-spirit connection. 

Giving back to the Community


Many of us at Creating Well Being are deeply rooted in the Plymouth and Cape Cod communities - our patients and their loved ones are often our friends, colleagues or neighbors. Because we are not constrained by insurance, we can offer our services at a reasonable price, including sliding scale fees.  We are also committed that each hospice or palliative care patient who so desires, has timely access to medical cannabis. 

Our Services



Western medicine  often manages chronic disease, rather than supporting the body to heal itself.  After a thorough assessment of your health conditions, together we develop and implement a holistic plan of care to restore optimal vitality and well being. We look to healing disciplines that include functional medicine, nutrition, movement, manual and neuromuscular therapies, kinesiology , and energetic balancing.  


Natural Pain and Symptom Relief .

We specialize in natural practices to address pain and symptoms associated with  a myriad of chronic illnesses. We  support our patients and their caregivers beyond the certification process, maintaining close relationships to determine ongoing needs . 


Unlike some franchised  medical cannabis practices that merely issue a certification and give  general information,  we develop individualized recommendations and education, including how to be an informed consumer, read and navigate dispensary menus and access new information that is coming fast and furious. 

Our Practitioners

Rose M Cain, FNP, MPH, JD


Rose established the practice in 2018 to really partner with patients and make a difference in their quality of living , function and vitality. She is licensed to certify patients for the medical use of marijuana and is a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association. 

Rose has been an FNP for over 40 years with experience in primary and urgent care, geriatrics, home and nursing home care. She is also an Army veteran and is committed to addressing the unique issues facing vets including PTSD and chronic pain.

She is also a retired attorney and focused on elder law , estate and financial planning.

Coletta Candini, RN, BSN


Coletta is a cannabis nurse educator supporting patients in the Plymouth area . She is a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and has over 30 years experience at the Jordan Hospital ED.  Before coming to the practice she was with Cranberry Hospice and Palliative Care . She is committed to providing hope and improving quality of life for her patients.  

Debbie McCulluch Hopkins, RN, BSN



Debbie is a cannabis nurse educator located in Truro and will be supporting our Outer Cape Cod patients. 

She is a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association. A nurse entrepreneur, Debbie created Green Nightingale to help those who wish to understand and navigate the new legal and medical cannabis landscape.  Cannabis as medicine became her mission after learning that her husband’s stage 4 cancer was un-treatable. She is also an OR nurse at Cape Cod Hospital and owner/farmer at Pure Joy Farm

Stephanie Delgado, MA


Stephanie is our medical assistant-she will call you prior to your visit to complete a clinical intake. With almost ten years as an MA, she combines her experience with patients with compassion and confidentiality. 

Katie Sheehan, RN, BSN


Katie is a cannabis nurse educator and supports patients on the South Shore.  She is a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and is currently pursuing her Nurse Practitioner degree. Her focus includes patients with cancer and autoimmune issues

Our Staff

Annie Rossi


Annie is our Practice Administrator and is the first  person that you may speak to. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience navigating the local health care setting as well as ensuring great patient service. She is also a wiz at registering and supporting our patients with the state Medical Use of Marijuana System.

Bobby Palmer


Bobby supports operations with a focus on the Cape Cod practice. He also manages our social media and marketing.  He is a talented digital audio creator and is also involved in digital video processes. His experience includes Insurance Agent for New York Life and administrative support at PMG  Physicians Medical Group. 


"Awesome experience !!"

"The rest of the medical community could learn a lot from Creating Well Being. Warm, friendly, passionate, tech-savvy and completely invested in your well-being. They explained EVERYTHING in detail. It was such a wonderful experience."

"My visit was undoubtedly one of the best experiences I've ever had. I've already given out a card."

"Rose is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. She keeps to her appt schedules and because we couldn't complete all the information in one session, she had me come back.  Totally appreciated her care of clients. So happy I went here."

"Annie is very knowledgeable and helpful."